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It’s a long story. One that’s explained over there.


New website!

I finally bit the bullet and built a real website. Yes, this involved paying real money and not just hosting on “whatthehoodle” dot com or whatever’s free. It’s pretty great. I’ve spent most of the past two days working on it, and while I’m still futzing to improve functionality as much as possible, I have gone “live” with it. I’m no web-genius, so this is being created using iWeb which is both awesome and somewhat limiting, in that since it’s made for idiots, there’s no real way to “over-ride” a lot of the features. I’m doing my best to maximize its potential because I enjoy the simplicity, but I do imagine that it may take a little while to perfect it.

I haven’t yet been able to figure out how to integrate this wordpress account (namely, its archives) into the new site, so all new updates will be made over there and the archives will remain here, hanging out. The new site does have RSS capabilities, which I think should even work! I think. There’s a button.

Any feedback you’d care to offer about function, readability, etc. would be welcome. I hope you like it and come back to visit it, y’know, more than just once!


(Yeah, it’s my name. Professional isn’t always original.)

Buddha-full Commodities.

As I prepare to make my own collection of Buddha photos for my Etsy shop, I thought I’d browse and see some of the handmade Buddha items already for sale. As I’ve said before, whatever qualms I may have with the commodification of Buddhism as a “trend,” I’m not above beautiful objects.




Silver/Swarovski Crystal Earrings by celestial autumn | Buddha onesie by WrenWillow | Happy Buddha & Turquoise Bracelet by DornickDesigns |Buddha in Tree Photographic Print by Ann Wilkinson | Buddha Glycerin Soap by dreamy1 | Mini Buddha Collage by collagecreations | Buddha Blossom Tea by good4you | Namaste Print by lindawoods | Buddha Buttons by glittergirlgalleries | Buddha Screen Print by kazmattsas | Tian Tan Buddha No. 6 by RandomNotions |Buddha Cuff Links by Bellamodaartist

You’re Going to Die.

I found this via MetaFilter, it’s a great monologue about death. Part of what has always attracted me to Buddhist philosophy is the sort of existential belief that death is what makes life meaningful; that in order to live well, we need to meditate on dying well. Our lives are meaningful because they are transitory – every moment is precious and living in the moment is the only way to “escape” the future. By which I mean, that when we truly live in the moment and cherish every breath that we take, death is no longer a force to be feared. When I realize that I had no knowledge of the world before I was born, and when I die, I will return to the same unconsciousness, my life itself feels eternal because it’s the only life I will ever know – it lasts “forever” because when it’s gone, I won’t know that it was gone or that it ever existed. Every moment that I know is right now and since I won’t be aware that it’s over, it never truly “ends.” One of my favorite quotes is by Ray Charles: “Live each day as if it was your last because someday, you’re going to be right.”

I’m probably not making a whit of sense to anyone but myself, but this video is pretty fantastic anyway. Best part is that it’s narrated by performance artist Vito Acconci.


I’ve had some requests for prints of my photos. (No, really. I have! I always feel like I have to defend this lest people feel I’m getting uppity or self-important. Honestly, I’m just as shocked as you are.) So, I’m finally getting my act together and putting some up on my Etsy shop. In case you didn’t know, I do indeed have an Etsy shop of my collage works.

And yes, in case you didn’t know, I’m primarily a collage artist. Photography is a wholehearted passion of mine, but my artistic training is in collage/multi-media work. I’ve had a few shows in actual real galleries and whatnot. Again, not to get uppity, just sayin’. I am indeed the real deal in this department, much as I am often loathe to admit it. I’m self-effacing to a fault where art is concerned, perhaps due to unrealistic expectations as to what an “artist” is. Whatever. I live, breathe, and would even eat art. I guess that’s close enough.

So, anyhow. Etsy. It costs me a small fee to list photos, so I’m choosing a sort of “best-of” selection. I will try to post between one and five new images each week, probably on Thursdays. In addition to whatever is listed, all photos shown on this blog (which are usually in my Shoot the Buddha set on Flickr as well) are available in print form. Really, I’m willing to negotiate on any photo I’ve taken, as long as I have a hi-res format available. The only caveat is that I won’t sell a portrait without the express permission of its subject. So, you can request one, but I give no guarantee how long it would take me to obtain permission or even that said permission would even happen – though I can’t imagine too many of my subjects really objecting too much, seeing as they’re all aware that the photos are online. (I never take photos of anyone who indicates that they don’t want pictures taken, and I never post photos online of anyone who specifically tells me that they don’t want their photos published – it’s part of why I do very, very little street photography, mostly limited to documenting street art in progress. It’s not a legal issue for me, just a respect issue that I feel strongly about – not for other photographers, mind, just me.)

So, this is a pretty rambly post to announce that I’ve updated my Etsy shop. I’m also going to add another section today or tomorrow of Buddha photos, since I have  ton of them and that’s the sort of “theme” of this blog, and yeah, there will be another (probably also rambly) post about that when it happens.

A Joyful Aspiration.

Photo by Flickr user Argos (Old Dog Photography)

Photo by Flickr user Argos (Old Dog Photography)

Aspiration for Culture and Knowledge

By His Holiness the Seveteenth Gyalwang Karmapa

The most excellent virtue is the brilliant and calm flow of culture:

Those with fine minds play in a clear lotus lake:

Through this excellent path, a song line sweet like the pollen’s honey,

May they sip the fragrant dew of glorious knowledge.

Over the expanse of the treasured earth in this whole world,

May benefit for beings appear like infinite moons’ reflections

Whose refreshing presence brings lasting welfare and happiness

To open a lovely array of night-blooming lilies, signs of peace and joy.