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Buddha-full Commodities.

As I prepare to make my own collection of Buddha photos for my Etsy shop, I thought I’d browse and see some of the handmade Buddha items already for sale. As I’ve said before, whatever qualms I may have with the commodification of Buddhism as a “trend,” I’m not above beautiful objects.




Silver/Swarovski Crystal Earrings by celestial autumn | Buddha onesie by WrenWillow | Happy Buddha & Turquoise Bracelet by DornickDesigns |Buddha in Tree Photographic Print by Ann Wilkinson | Buddha Glycerin Soap by dreamy1 | Mini Buddha Collage by collagecreations | Buddha Blossom Tea by good4you | Namaste Print by lindawoods | Buddha Buttons by glittergirlgalleries | Buddha Screen Print by kazmattsas | Tian Tan Buddha No. 6 by RandomNotions |Buddha Cuff Links by Bellamodaartist


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I’ve had some requests for prints of my photos. (No, really. I have! I always feel like I have to defend this lest people feel I’m getting uppity or self-important. Honestly, I’m just as shocked as you are.) So, I’m finally getting my act together and putting some up on my Etsy shop. In case you didn’t know, I do indeed have an Etsy shop of my collage works.

And yes, in case you didn’t know, I’m primarily a collage artist. Photography is a wholehearted passion of mine, but my artistic training is in collage/multi-media work. I’ve had a few shows in actual real galleries and whatnot. Again, not to get uppity, just sayin’. I am indeed the real deal in this department, much as I am often loathe to admit it. I’m self-effacing to a fault where art is concerned, perhaps due to unrealistic expectations as to what an “artist” is. Whatever. I live, breathe, and would even eat art. I guess that’s close enough.

So, anyhow. Etsy. It costs me a small fee to list photos, so I’m choosing a sort of “best-of” selection. I will try to post between one and five new images each week, probably on Thursdays. In addition to whatever is listed, all photos shown on this blog (which are usually in my Shoot the Buddha set on Flickr as well) are available in print form. Really, I’m willing to negotiate on any photo I’ve taken, as long as I have a hi-res format available. The only caveat is that I won’t sell a portrait without the express permission of its subject. So, you can request one, but I give no guarantee how long it would take me to obtain permission or even that said permission would even happen – though I can’t imagine too many of my subjects really objecting too much, seeing as they’re all aware that the photos are online. (I never take photos of anyone who indicates that they don’t want pictures taken, and I never post photos online of anyone who specifically tells me that they don’t want their photos published – it’s part of why I do very, very little street photography, mostly limited to documenting street art in progress. It’s not a legal issue for me, just a respect issue that I feel strongly about – not for other photographers, mind, just me.)

So, this is a pretty rambly post to announce that I’ve updated my Etsy shop. I’m also going to add another section today or tomorrow of Buddha photos, since I haveĀ  ton of them and that’s the sort of “theme” of this blog, and yeah, there will be another (probably also rambly) post about that when it happens.

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