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New Year’s Resolution.

As you can probably see by the fact that I’ve updated as much today as I did in the past two months, I’ve resolved to be more connected to my life. I went through some health problems this fall where I just didn’t sleep, and the biggest impact that I noticed was on my connection to my own life – it was like I was floating through it, drifting by from day to day, never actually weighted down to anything. It sounds peaceful describing it like that, but really it was as if my whole life was a fog and I had nothing to grab onto. I’ve noticed a lot since my health has been getting better that there was, over a six month period, a decline in my ability to focus on anything – projects half done everywhere, books half read, always wandering around with my camera but never taking photos, taking photos but never posting them, voicemails unanswered, etc. I found myself only capable of the bare minimum in terms of living my life.

And now that my health has improved, I’ve resolved to reconnect. Be more present. Be more aware. Be more active. In art, in life, in everything.


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