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I’ve been trying to think about this for a week or so to try about what would be the best way to frame this so I don’t come off as a complete kook, but there I go, kook or not.

We tend to notice the most with kids the “bad” influences that are plentiful: violence, bad language, hyper sexualized characterized, reinforcing stereotypes, etc. On the other hand, “good” influences are largely ignored. This week with the little girl I nanny for, I watched a video that was absolutely buddha-ful. Seriously, the Buddhist message: accepting each individual as part of a greater family despite outward appearance, appreciation for the present moment in a limited life span, life as a great – but impermanent – gift.

And what masterpiece of cinema was this? The story of Siddhartha? Princess Barbie goes to Buddha Island? Oh no.

It was Charlotte’s Web. Just listen to this song and tell me if you are not one “baby step” closer to enlightenment.

Another popular children’s show espouses the view that all people sing with the same song, the same voice, and we sing in harmony.

I just thought to offer up some proof that the media is not, as claimed, saturating our kids with immoral influences. There are wonderful things for children to watch to teach about their own inner “buddha nature” and that of everyone on earth – they just tend to blend into the background for their subtlety. Perhaps I’m just biased a bit because one of the most played records in my own hippie childhood was “Free to Be You and Me.


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