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I found this via MetaFilter, it’s a great monologue about death. Part of what has always attracted me to Buddhist philosophy is the sort of existential belief that death is what makes life meaningful; that in order to live well, we need to meditate on dying well. Our lives are meaningful because they are transitory – every moment is precious and living in the moment is the only way to “escape” the future. By which I mean, that when we truly live in the moment and cherish every breath that we take, death is no longer a force to be feared. When I realize that I had no knowledge of the world before I was born, and when I die, I will return to the same unconsciousness, my life itself feels eternal because it’s the only life I will ever know – it lasts “forever” because when it’s gone, I won’t know that it was gone or that it ever existed. Every moment that I know is right now and since I won’t be aware that it’s over, it never truly “ends.” One of my favorite quotes is by Ray Charles: “Live each day as if it was your last because someday, you’re going to be right.”

I’m probably not making a whit of sense to anyone but myself, but this video is pretty fantastic anyway. Best part is that it’s narrated by performance artist Vito Acconci.


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